Gerapporteerde abstracts (+posters) sexualiteit en (in)continentie ICS Rio de Janeiro

Gerapporteerde abstracts (+posters) sexualiteit en (in)continentie ICS Rio de Janeiro

43: Cunkelman J, Mueller E, Brubaker L, Kenton K. Female pelvic floor disorders and sexual dysfunction in affected couples: abstract - poster

44 Musco S, Lumi E, D'Amico A, Miano R, Parisi A I, Topazio L, Finazzi Agro E. Percutaneous tibial nerve stimulation improves female sexual function in women with overactive bladder syndrome: abstract - poster

45 Fragalà E, Di Rosa A, Giardina R, Cimino S, Russo G I, Caramma A, Patti F, Morgia G. Determinants of sexual impairment in multiple sclerosis male and female patients with lower urinary tract dysfunction: results from an Italian cross-sectional study: abstract - poster

49 Karbage S A L1, Augusto K L2, Vasconcelos Neto J A, Vasconcelos C T M, Frota I P R, Bombonato A, Lima A C, Bizarria L B, Cavalcanti Júnior M, Bezerra L R P S, M Bilhar A P, Britto D F. Women with mixed versus stress urinary incontinence symptoms: who has the most impact on sexual function? : abstract - poster

124 Musco S, Del Popolo G, Celso M F, Lombardi G. Sacral neuromodulation and female sexuality: review: abstract 

131 Rhein Felippe M, Eli Girotti M, Gabriela Cadamuro L, Rosenblatt Hacad C, Paulo Zambon J, Marcos Mazili P, Gonçalves Almeida F. Is the urinary incontinence associated with sexual abstinence?: abstract 

760 Pereira-Azevedo N, Carrasquinho E, Casola M, Cardoso de Oliveira E, Cavadas V, Osório L, Silva-Ramos M, Branco F. Can we predict female sexual function after repairing pelvic organ prolapse with mesh?: abstract 

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